Need help in client relevance

Hi All,

I am trying to populate the Country name using the distinguished path of AD, so far I could obtain the distinguished path using the simple relevance as:-

distinguished name of local computer of active directory

and I get the output as below:-
CN=XXXXXXXXXXXX,OU=Laptops and Tablet PCs,OU=Computers,OU=Dubai Business Unit,OU=United Arab Emirates,OU=EMEA ARROW,OU=XXXXX,OU=Users and Workstations,DC=XXXX,DC=Net

I am trying to obtain the result of property as the name of the country so from the above output I tried the following:-

following text of first "OU=" of preceding text of first "," of following text of first "OU=Dubai Business Unit," of distinguished name of local computer of active directory

and received the output as 'United Arab Emirates, but the concern is that I have many OU’s whose values are not static as different from 'Dubai business unit so I am not able to formulate the relevance to see the value of country in case proceeding text OU value is not static. Please suggest on this.


Tried ‘tuple strings’ it worked :slight_smile:

following texts of firsts "=" of tuple string items 4 of (concatenations ", " of substrings separated by "," of it) of distinguished names of local computers of active directories


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