Need help getting software publisher name

I have an inventory audit coming up and need and analyses for the following, real bad!
Basically a report where the first column give me a count of how many are found. The second column would give me percentage of installs based on all machines, the 3rd row would be the name of the software and the 4th row would be the Publisher. I was able to get the 4th row for the publisher by using this: _values “Publisher” of keys of keys “HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall” of (x32 registries;x64 registries) But I can’t get the other 3 fields to show. Can someone please help me out, in plain English. Appreciative!!

The ending report would look like this.

Count Percentage Result Publisher
5 5% Microsoft Office The Microsoft Corporation

Your first problem here is that your relevance to get the publisher works on each client individually, but no client knows the values from other clients or even how many other clients there are.

The name can be retrieved from the “DisplayName” value in the same key as the publisher.

You then need to retrieve all the values, put them in a spreadsheet and do the maths.

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