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I have 0 experience with BigFix.

I want to know if my company should use it so I downloaded an evaluation copy and installed it today.

That part went fine. I even installed the client on a test system.

ok now what? Is there an evaluation guide? a POC manual? Or something to help someone who is completely new start using it? I tried looking at the help guide but didn’t find much beside reference material.

So for example I want to deploy some software. how. From reading I think I create a fixlet? Then I believe I need to specify some sort of script on the actions tab?? It seems that BigFix has it’s own language?

I just want to send a simple .exe to my test system, with maybe a command line. Am I right in the action script guess?

I really want to learn, just having difficulties right now finding reference materials to follow like a guide.


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Hi Terry,

Lots of docs are available at and you can search around at

For deploying software, you could write your own Fixlet but it is much easier to use the Software Distribution Wizard (which you can find in the Console in the “Systems Lifecycle Management” domain under “All Systems Lifecycle Management > Wizards”


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Thanks I came across those documents too… First of all, for someone who knows nothing, all those acronyms don’t mean a thing to me. I tried reading a few docs to see if they would be helpful, like the admin guide and console user guide, but not what I’m looking for.

Isn’t there just a simple Evaluation Guide or Proof of Concept guide. Kind of like a lab guide for someone who just wants to set things up quickly, step through the features and get a general idea of how things work?

The other products I’m evaluating have not been this challenging. Some companies already have VMs you can download and evaluate things, most have evaluation guides, most have very detailed help guides which list here’s what you want to do here’s the steps to do it.

For me it’s kind of a waste of my time to struggle with basics. For example SW Distribution. I just want a step 1, step 2, step 3 kind of thing that let’s me set it up so I can evaluate if it will meet our needs.

I did not know about the wizard you mentioned for example. I will try it out and see if it helps.



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Hey Terry,

You have a good point… We used to publish a “quickstart guide” for each version of BigFix (example for 7.0:, but we didn’t seem to do that for the latest versions… I am going to check in and see why…

In the meantime, hopefully some of the resources available at in addition to the natural console domain tree will help lead you in the right direction…