Need Bigfix relevance assistance in Web Reports

I am trying to add a relevance under action triggers in Bigfix web reports while scheduling a report but it throws an error. I am scheduling a customn report that shows the bigfix action status details. What am I doing wrong?

status of bes action result is an object, and even though it has a textual representation in QNA, it is not derived from a string. Cast the status as a string to use the equality operator.

... status of it as string = "Fixed") of bes actions

Nice catch!

There’s also some weird unprintable character in there, maybe a copy/pasted UNICODE character from Office? Between the equal sign and the quote on '= "Windows"'. You might need to delete and retype that portion.

Thank you for the correction. It now returns the status correctly. I have corrected unprintable character too. Although the evaluation says false, it should say true.

This is how the report looks like that i have created:

Perhaps you need different matching logic:

(name of action of it as lowercase contains "windows" ...

Yes I should have used contains instead of = , of course!! Thank you so much. It worked!!