Multiple Commit Feature

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I’m not sure if the architecture would allow for this modification feature…but here goes.

There are instances when I am making numerous “computer edits”, task/fixlet work, etc - and for every commit you must supply your private key to take action on each. Doing one action at a time can be very time consuming to go through the process of the propagation and so on. In that time, I sit as most impatient engineers must - and just wait and wait. There are times when I am doing console work for numerous hours and those “waits” can add up. As well, if I am doing lots of actions - the effect on the console connection for other BF admins can be felt.

I would love the ability to make numerous action and changes and then do a final commit on all of them - not on an individual basis. Perhaps even have a selection of all the changes I have made and if I want to commit all or some. Then you could commit to several changes and go off and do something else during the process. This would also give you time to re-think a change and modify it before the final commit. There are times when I have created an action, done the propagation - just to see a glaring typo - and then more time is needed to edit and resubmit. As well, it would be helpful at times to just have a few minutes to contemplate after an action creation - to make sure it is something you really want to commit on.

Again, not sure if the current architecture would allow for a major process change like this - but it would be a sweet feature (for myself anyway).



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We agree and we have been thinking through this in detail.

No feature commitments or dates are allowed to be delivered on the forum, but we are on this one!


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Yes! I agree and would love this feature. It could/should be implemented in the Admin Tool, too. Entering the password after creating each user is very painful.