Multiple Action Groups issue

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Hey folks,

We are currently fixing an issue where multiple action groups will sometimes not run if you are running agents and using . The behavior that you would see would be that if you multi-selected Fixlets and went to “Take Default Action”, the agents would report “Not Relevant” and not run the action. The workaround to fix this is either to switch to using efficient mime (but make sure all your agents are upgraded to 7.0 first or they won’t respond to your actions). Alternately, baseline actions still work so if you put your Fixlets in a baseline, you can take multiple actions at once.

We will issue a patched version of the agent shortly that won’t have this issue.

This issue should only appear with agents and it is tracked here along with other open issues that are scheduled to be fixed soon:


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Hello Ben,

I just made a post:

We had the issue outlined in your post and went through with the upgrade. however, it seems that the multiple action group issue is still giving us problems! We have upgraded the server console, the relay and the client agent and are still having the problem. After issuing some reboots and rebuilding baselines, in an attempt to remedy the issue, we are still left scratching our heads. Our baselines are still reporting Not Relevent for us whereas individual tasks are run.

We are going to log a call with support, but would like to maintain contact to the forum community for troubleshooting and support.

One note is that we did identify issues running BesRemoval (giving us errors | outlined in my post) when in the past it’s been 100% successful.

Please let me know if you have any insight.


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Hey Sonny,

Probably the best thing to do would be to open a support ticket like you said and then we will update people on any issues we find.