MS18-AUG: Security Monthly Quality Rollup - Monthly Rollup - Windows 7 SP1 - KB4343900 (x64)

I find it hard to believe that this is fixlet is only relevant to 4 of my 5000+ Windows 7 systems…

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Hi AlexaVonTess,

The team did identify an issue with this fixlet and an updated fixlet has been released in Patches for Windows version 3059.
Please let us know if you are still having problems with the updated fixlet.

Thank you. We’re still on 3,058 but did a Gather. A few moments later, we’re at the current version and relevance is kicking in.

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Unfortunately, they’re all failing to install (return status Failed). This is getting real old!

As far as some helpful information…The update installs succesfully but returns Failed; and of course also remains relevant… So I’m going to have to say that the relevance is incorrect.

We are having this issue on 2008R2 Servers as well for KB4343900 in regards to them failing in relevance, but the install actually succeeds…

Same with 2008r2 virtual and physical are failing but installing.

After updating, the following keys from relevance block #6 in the 2K8R2 content still have a “CurrentState” value of 112, this is the reason for failure on my side:

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KB4343900 failed 2x and then succeeded finally on a 2008 R2 test system.

The 3rd time BigFix still reported it as failed due to the relevance listed above.

Issue for 2008R2 has been fixed in site Patches for Windows, version 3063.