MS16-111,MS16-112 missing from patches for Windows

MS16-111,MS16-112 missing from “patches for Windows”

Do we have any reference or any clue why I cannot find any fixlet cover these MS bulletins?

I just need a trust source to refers that.


Hi Teerapong,

I can see Fixlets when searching for “MS16-112” under Patches for Windows site. Did you turn on “Show Non-Relevant Content”?


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Thanks Bai!,sry . But I can’t see MS16-111 anyway.

Hi Teerapongpa,

MS16-111 is available in Bigfix console as shown in attached image.

Alternatively, maybe you can search by using KB number, such as KB3175024.


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Thanks you Sylvia and Bai , There are some ambiguous on mime-field-product on these 2 fixlets
FixletID : 161123 MS16-111 KB3175024
FixletID : 161127 MS16-112 KB3178539

These 2 patch marked as : Windows Patches-product for Win2012 which should be Win20 12R2 or (Win2012 and Win2012R2 ) instead.

Do we have any explanation about this information or it’s just a mistake from fixlet author?
example reference

FixletID : 161123 MS16-111 KB3175024 mime-field-product tag should include Windows Server 2012 R2
FixletID : 161127 MS16-112 KB3178539 mime-field-product tag should include Windows Server 2012 R2

As a user,lacking Wn2012R2 tag will lead me to missing some patch as intended to my Windows2012R2 baseline.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

Hi Teerapongpa,

Thanks for pointing it out. You are correct about these two fixlets. The MIME_X-fixlet-product should be Win2012R2.

We will update the content soon.

Best Regards,

Now I’m relieved to hear that , thanks you Sylvia.

Hi Teerapongpa,

The change has been published and existing content has been reviewed. Hopefully no other instance.

Published site version:

Patches for Windows, version 2700.

Best Regards,

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