Ms14-021 When will the fixlet for MS14-021 be released?

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When will the fixlet for MS14-021 be released?

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Any update on MS14-021.

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We are also looking for this MS14-021 to release.

Please kindly update once anyone get the update.


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I am very unhappy that MS14-021 has still not been released by 9:12 PM PDT. It was released by Microsoft at 10 AM PDT this morning. This is an emergency out-of-bandwidth patch that should be given top priority.

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The Fixlet is in final review by Dev and will be released any time now. There were complex prerequisites and the information in the MS bulletin was inconsistent leading to delays in content creation and testing verification.

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After seeing the number of fixlets and the complexity, I see why it took a while to create them. Thank you very much for getting this update released as quickly as you did.

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MS14-021 is classified as a critical patch by Microsoft but IBM take more that 24 hour to release the fixlet.

Our customer is looking for the fixlet and WE ARE yet still receive any feedback from IBM.

For future, as a reference may we know what is respond time for the every patch as per below :-

  1. Normal

  2. Critical

  3. Emergency


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This fixlet update was created and QA’d as fast as humanly possible. Likewise, with anything that is this critical, it takes as long as is humanly possible to actually get it released, there were no built in delays in the release process here.