MS13-106: Vulnerability in a Microsoft Office Shared Component Could Allow Security Feature Bypass - Office 2010 SP1/SP2

@BaiYunfei @shwesc @Jason_L According to the Microsoft article, installing KB2850016 resolves the vulnerability associated to Fixlet ID 1310603

I have verified that after installing KB2850016 the following files are updated to newer versions.

HXDS.DLL - 5.70.51021.0
ITIRCL55.DLL - 5.70.51021.0
MSITSS.DLL - 5.70.51021.0

please advise …


I don’t quite understand the question, but Fixlet 1310603 does correspond to the 32-bit patch of KB2850016.

This fixlet should not be relevant once KB2850016 has been installed. Please confirm. The file versions listed above are from a computer where KB2850016 has been installed.

Yes that should be the expected behavior, since the Fixlet itself installs KB2850016. If it behaves otherwise, kindly open a PMR so that we can investigate.