MS-SQL server 2008R2 exit code 2068643838


I had deployed below MS-SQL 2008R2 Vulnerabilities patches to the target machines, but the patches status shown “Failed” in IBM BIGFIX console,

the patch name “MS15-058: Vulnerabilities in SQL Server Could Allow Remote Code Execution - SQL Server 2008 R2 SP3 - GDR Branch - KB3045316 (x64)”

Please find the error screen shot and please share the information regarding the error status.


Please check the success criteria of the Action… It won’t be based on action…as your action status is giving exit code means…There is something missing…This is the issue with SQL the error :2068643838 is for SQL installation .
please go to microsoft link to resolve this:

Thanks Swapnil for your reply!

Hi Nagarajan, please open a PMR so we can collect necessary information about the target computer and help you further.

Thank you!

Your first check should be to try installing the patch manually and see what error message you get. It’s pretty common to find there is a configuration specific to your machine that prevents a patch from running (like Windows requiring a restart, using a nonstandard instance name, etc.)

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Thanks for you reply, also I already open the PMR and send the required target machine log file to the IBM Support Team,
Also if I open the action script of the fixlet, it shown all condition compleated,
so the problem are target machine sql installation file missing at the installation time, am i right?


That would be very hard to determine without running the SQL installer itself and observing the error message that it gives. Even the client log is not going to reveal much beyond “I executed the SQL installer, and it returned error 2068643838”.

You would need to either run the SQL installer and observe the error message, or read through the SQL Installer logs themselves to determine why SQL is not installing properly.

Nagaraj was this issue ever resolved for you. I am having the exact same issue.

Hi Viakenan,

Yeah, but our MS-Sql administrator only resolved this issue at the time.
may be follow @JasonWalker