Ms patch action script download command

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hi all,

maybe a bit of a strange one, but i was wondering how bigfix come by the download url for MS patches? better still is there a way I could list the download url match with the MS or KB number from a baseline for example?


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Hi khanand,

We use published information from Microsoft in the security bulletins to get the download urls…

You might try using this in the session debugger or the Excel Connector:

(firsts 8 of name of it, first matches (regex “(http://\S+)”) of scripts of actions of it) of bes fixlets whose (name of it starts with “MS”)


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hey ben,

thanks for this … its exellent. Gives me the patch release, url of MS patch detail and the url of the file download for the MS release in question.

I bet others could find this very handy if they ever need to manualy download a bunch MS patches :slight_smile:

thx Andreas