Moving EM to new hardware

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Hi all,

Does anyone have suggestions/experience for the best way to move between EM servers?

We need to move in the region of 100k clients and 500+ relays from the existing 8.2 server to a new 9.0.835.0 server. This is to effect both a hardware and OS refresh and to bring the estate up to current version. We are not worried about migrating data, fixlets etc as the new server has a clean installation and we have exported/imported fixlets, tasks, groups etc from the existing server. Our current root server is bound to a CNAME.

Is it sufficient enough to update the CNAME so all clients and relays resolve the root server to the new 9.0 server which would then cause a client reset due to the lack of report sequence data for the client, or should we obtain a new masthead/license with a new hostname and use the masthead switch fixlet? We used this approach way back on 6.x when we moved from a test server to a production server but that was only dealing with 2000 clients and 1 or 2 relays. This may not be so suitable for current version and numbers of clients/relays.

Thanks in advance for any pointers


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Hi Rob,

I have done a similar action before but we did it in a two step process

  1. Migrate to new server with same version

  2. After a burn-in period, we then upgraded

For the migration, we were moving from a VM to physical. We were also keeping the same hostname as this was bound to the license (which is normally done). The basic steps were:

  1. shutdown TEM services

  2. Back up database and copy to new server

  3. rename server old server and new server (to the old server name)

  4. on new server, install MS SQL and import database

  5. Install TEM

Now those are very high level, but we basically followed the steps in this link:!/wiki/Tivoli%20Endpoint%20Manager/page/Server%20Migration

We did have an issue with the LDAP users but this was fixed with these steps

Hope that helps


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Thank you for the info Martin. Guess the advantange we have is not wanting to migrate the DB so may not have the issue with LDAP users. Will definatley keep that article bookmarked just in case.



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Hey Rob,

This is exactly what I did, and it worked like a charm on 35k hosts.

-Build out a fresh v9 platform using your current masthead/licence file (on new server with different IP address)

-Temporarily flip 1 or 2 clients/relays over to it by adding host file entry pointing to new master server.

-Export/Import all content and copy over SHA1 directory

After testing and re-configuring your clean-up scripts, you’re a the point of go-live

-Make a DNS alias change so clients can resolve new IP. (or stop BES services on old master server and flip IP’s from old to new server)

Clients and Relays will then flip over instantly. To your point, the clients will re-register with a new ClientID.

NOTE: You will also have to recreate the user accounts, not sure how many you have but that can be quite painful depending on your delegation model.

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Hey Nick,

Thank you for the info. So good to hear the stragegy has worked for other deployments.