Move in a task failing?

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So I need to verify a amchine has a diretory and I am doing that under the relevance area

(name of it = “WinXP”) of operating system AND TRUE

exist “C:\Program Files\Pointsec\Pointsec for PC\Work”

and then here is the action which is succesfull untill the last line(move) and it fails ??

download http://MSP001.test.COM:52311/Uploads/05920e37c050368180a67b64c3a2434ae56b85be/POintsec.txt.tmp

continue if {(size of it = 130 AND sha1 of it = “05920e37c050368180a67b64c3a2434ae56b85be”) of file “POintsec.txt.tmp” of folder “__Download”}

extract POintsec.txt.tmp

move “__Download” “C:\Program Files\Pointsec\Pointsec for PC\Work”

any idea why the move is fialing ??

Thanks for any help ,John

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I don’t think the move command works on directories; you may want to create a batch file and run xcopy instead.

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got it with this … and it worked like a champ

extract POintsec.txt.tmp

createfile until EndScript

on error resume next

failed = false

set fso = createobject(“scripting.filesystemobject”)


fso.movefile “__Download*.*”, “C:\Program Files\Pointsec\Pointsec for PC\Work”


delete MakeFolders.vbs

move __createfile “MakeFolders.vbs”

script MakeFolders.vbs