Move file to a filename with accentuated character


i’m trying to move a file with special accentuated caracter in filename, however the final file is created with %%
Anyway to do this?

move "c:\Users\Public\Desktop\HH.lnk" "c:\Users\Public\Desktop\Hygiène.lnk"

create a file

Thanks for help

As a first step I think I would try creating a file with the accented character manually, then see what is returned when examining the file properties with relevance

it give that:

q: pathnames of find files “*.lnk” of (descendant folders of folder “c:\Users\Public”)
A: c:\Users\Public\Desktop\Hygi%e8ne.lnk

Thanks for any help, 2 week i’m loosing my hairs…

This is odd

Testing in the debugger, I can create a file and copy it with the accented character in the filename.
So I sent it as a custom action and it also worked.


folder delete "c:\trn\accent"

folder create "c:\trn\accent"

delete __createfile

createfile until __EOF__EOF__
test file for creating accented filenames in Bigfix
created {now}

copy __createfile "c:\trn\accent\Hygiène.txt"

Relevance (to test)

q: names of files of folder "c:\trn\accent"
A: Hygiène.txt
I: plural string

q: lines of file "c:\trn\accent\Hygiène.txt"
A: test file for creating accented filenames in Bigfix
A: created Wed, 20 Jul 2022 15:37:32 +0100
I: plural file line

I’m in the UK - I don’t know whether language variations may be clouding the issue

Possibly also dependent on BigFix Client version? What version of client are you using?

Hello, i’m on

That might explain it, that is a very old version.

As a workaround, i finally create “by hand” the shortcut with special char, upload it in bigfix using software distribution wizard.
Then i’ve create a task to download it, extract it then move it using

dos move /y “c:\Temp\Hyg*.lnk” “c:\Users\Public\Desktop”

As dos move can be used with wildcard char, it work…

Definitely move to a later version. In 9.5 we added UNICODE support and this should have cleaned up a lot of things like this.