More categories showing on web reports home page - how do I get rid of them?

Just recently several users started commenting that their report list got much longer, and one noticed that on the first page after logging in, they see not only their “starred” and “my authored” options, but they also see “big fix management,” “patch management,” and “systems lifecycle.” I inherited the support of this product after a team member left, and I really have no clue why or how those started showing up, but I’d like to get rid of them, which would also make their report list much shorter. Any idea how I can remove those additional categories?

I believe these showing up are due to new & updated reports that were released within the last month by IBM.

I’m not certain if those categories can be removed. An admin might be able to make the new reports private, but I’m not certain of that either.

I’m sorry to hear that you don’t like the additional reports; they were released recently to provide better out of the box reporting of existing Bigfix content. Which domains and reports are visible depends on what access the operators have within Web Reports. By default, all content is visible, but you can create a role that filters down to the desired content (e.g. Site is Patches for Windows, Site is not BES Support) and then assign users to that role.

If they need access to all the content, then they should use our labeling and starred report features to easily filter the report list to what is of most interest. For example, if they star all of their favorite reports, they can click on “Starred” on the home page and will jump to a list of just those reports. Likewise, users can label reports and easily select one or more labels on the left of the Report List view to filter down to only reports with that label, or use the live search to quickly search by report name.

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