Monitor big fix cleints using BigFix

We have requirement to monitor our servers using BigFix. Can someone provide me details if BigFix tool can monitor my all the BigFix clients interims of CPU,memory,dis usage any hardware related issue,process running on server,status of services. We want to publish all this in form of dashboard.

Please provide your input how to do the configuration,

We already capture a lot of interesting data with regard to current hardware specs, installed software, processes/services so that should take care of a decent amount of the requirements you stated. The big question is how “current” or frequently do you need things updated? For example, is your requirement to use BigFix like an actual monitoring tool which reports constantly and allows a NOC to spot a service that goes down right away or are you ok with less frequent updates in the range of a couple of hours?

We are fine with less frequent updates.

Can you please provide steps how we can achieve this goal.

I don’t know what your specific requirements are. You can start by taking a look at the various analyses located in the BES Inventory and License site. Anything that is not in that site that you might need is most likely already posted on this forum or over on Are you familiar with BigFix at all or are you new to it?

I am new to BigFix. We are using it for patching only. We want to extend the feature to monitor our servers. So that we can see all the servers (Unix,Windows) on portal. Our goal is to configure monitoring of all servers in single portal so that our team members can login to portal during start of the day and end of the day and take some necessary actions if required.

What kind of monitoring do you want to do with BigFix?
If you are looking for having a monitoring in real time, BigFix is not the answer. You can pull information from your systems and show the information using custom reports or using the different APIs. Keep in mind the information could be from few seconds ago or it could be from hours ago, that will depend on the frequency your endpoints are reporting up to the server, how the properties are set to report, etc. If you pretend to use the data for alerting support teams about issues(e.g. full disks, high cu usage, etc.) they probable will be receiving old data.

I am looking to monitor disk space,filesystem space,CPU,memory usage, any services. I am not looking for it an alternate of monitoring tool. If information can be updated in an hour will be good. Can you please help me How I can setup this.

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Dear team, I have same query…can anybody help on this?

Sunil - Could you please share solution if you have already identified the same?