Modifying MDT Bundle for added customizations

Hi Folks,

I have to make ZTI OSD, where the information about the windows environment will be saved to the Database against the MAC address of the client.
I am going to modify my MDT bundle step “gather local only” to fetch data from MDT bundle instead of the local machine. The data is going to be pre-fetched into the database before booting the machine.
Some of the variables that I am going to use for customisations will have a conflict with the variables in OSD bare metal profile wizard like Keyboard locale, Windows language locale and time zone.

I have tested this earlier, and it works with MDT and SCCM deployments. but going to do it for the first time in IEM.

So I am confused that which settings will take priority while deploying the Image ? The bare metal profile setting or the one in MDT bundle ? Will the Bundle settings going to override the profile setting or vice-versa ?

Kanik Garg

it is difficult to say, because this is dependent on the kind of customization that you do on MDT.
I suggest that you start trying out your scenarios and, if results differ from what you expect, let us know