Modification time/date of fixlets

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I’m looking to do a query of when Fixlets in my site were modified. I’m having trouble tracking down the code. I found this link

but I can’t seem to find that Column in my console, nor do I see the relevance query that works.


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Are you referring to the

Source Release Date

column? If you don’t see it in your console while viewing Fixlets or Tasks, right click the header bar above the fixlets and ensure that it is checked in the list of columns.

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No, I’m looking for the “Last Modified Date”

Source Release Date 11/22/2010


Created 11/29/2011 2:14:19 PM

Last Modified By

Last Modified Date 11/29/2011 2:14:19 PM <-------

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So I’m still not there but I have made some headway. Under the session relevance tester I have made the following;

(display names of it, modification times of it) of bes fixlets whose (display name of site of it = “My Site”)

This shows me the modified times of everything. I’d like to be able to sort on this time but I can’t figure out how to sort it in Tivoli or sort via Excel with the data given.

Secondly, I would still like to be able to see this in the console. It is looking like this is not a feature of the console and I’ll need to open a RFE

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Sorting is not offically support but “unique values of …” has been found as workaround for not having the direct capability.

Also to use that you need to get your results into a list that will sort and the raw time output isn’t friendly for doing so.

I took what you and added a few things. 1) A whose-it to limit the results to that of 7 days; 2) swapped the time and the display name so I can sort on time and combined into a single string. 3) dropped the day of the week from the time.

(unique values of ((following text of firsts “,” of (modification times of it as string), display names of it) as string) of bes fixlets whose (display name of site of it = “Groups” AND (modification time of it) > (now - 7 * day)))

This can get you closer. You could also do something similar to the time field in Excel so it sorts better.