Modern Client Management (MCM) and Insights now part of the BigFix Compliance and Lifecycle suites; WebUI restart required for enablement

The BigFix Product Team is very pleased to announce that the Modern Client Management (MCM) and Insights products are now part of the BigFix Compliance and Lifecycle suites. All active Compliance and Lifecycle customers will be automatically entitled to these new innovations.

BigFix Insights is a Data Analytics Platform designed for BigFix administrators and enterprise data analysts to combine BigFix data with that from third-party solutions. BigFix Insights provides advanced automation, streamlined correlation and advanced insights into the enterprise.​ For more, please visit

BigFix Modern Client Management (MCM) enables the consolidation of multiple vendors and reduce cost and complexity while managing Windows 10 and MacOS devices with simple enrollment and policy management.​ For more information please visit the Modern Client Management product page here:

As part of this important new update, a BigFix WebUI update will be released that will cause the WebUI service to restart, even if “Delayed updates” option is configured. This should happen on Wednesday, Sep 16th around 6 PM EST. After that, the new entitlements will be available.

The BigFix team is working hard to continually add value to our customers. If you have any questions, please reach out to your BigFix Specialist or Technical Advisor for more information.


The aforementioned update has just been released.

WebUI Site Versions:

Common 58
Insights 3

Can we get a license clarification?
When you say “Compliance and Lifecycle customers” does that mean… both or either?

Example: Company owns BigFix Lifecycle and BigFix Inventory (not Compliance), are they entitled to Insights and Modern Client Management (MCM)?

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Short answer is ‘either’ :slight_smile: (i.e. if you have either Compliance and/or Lifecycle, you will now have entitlements to Insights and MCM)

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I put in a ticket just now CS0156087, but I found a broken link in Documentation.

BigFix Insights has a broken link titled “The Insights Server” on this support page:

The link for “The Insights Server” is the broken link:

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