Missing info on Application Information (Windows) reports

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Hi Folks,

I would like to know why TEM sometimes miss SW inventory information, even for IBM products. For example, we generated on a customer production environment a report via

Web Reports --> Report List --> Analysis List --> Application Information (Windows)

In this sample, for the product IBM Series Access for Windows, there is no product version information, that should be included for 870 endpoints.

This is a piece of the report:


Installed Applications - Windows



IBM iSeries Access para Windows 870 62.28%

IBM iSeries Access para Windows SI14294 2 0.14%

IBM iSeries Access para Windows SI26879 6 0.43%

IBM iSeries Access para Windows SI29771 40 2.86%

In addition, I would like to know why the software inventory information includes drivers and security updates (on the Application Information report).


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For Windows The Application Information analysis basically looks for applications that Windows knows how to uninstall. If you look at the description of the analysis in the console, you’ll see that we expect the results to mirror those you’ll see in the Add/Remove Programs dialog.

There is logic in the analysis to exclude some uninstallable updates, but no logic for excluding uninstallable drivers.