Missing Fixlets in Patches for Windows Site (smbv1/rc4)

I’m not sure when it changed, but multiple fixlets in the Patches for Windows site seem to have their relevance incorrectly modified which prevents them from being applicable on any system.

I just noticed the following ones are missing, but I’m not sure what else was modified:

There are 4 related the 2696547: Manage SMBv1 with task id:
269654701, 269654703, 269654705, 269654707

and 2 related to 2868725: Update for disabling RC4 with task id:
286872515, 286872517

They now have the following relevance which kind of excludes everything:
not (x64 of operating system OR ia64 of operating system)

I think the old relevance was just:
not ia64 of operating system

I’m just wondering how/why this was changed, and if anything else was modified in the same way. It’s also entirely possible I’m just missing something.