Migration from one TEM to Another (export and import of content)

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both TEM are 8.1.617,

I need assistance with migrating the following type of contents:

1 Groups - in console it won’t allow to select all groups like it does for task or fixlets

2 Migrate the sources of tasks from BESWWWROOT - can i just copy and paste it?

That’s what I would love help with for now, thanks a bunch.

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Hi Bobby,

To migrate directory wwwroot to another drive you can follow these instructions:


I’m not sure with exporting groups.



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i have copied the uploads folder, exported tasks and performed a search and replace for downloads from the old server, and changed legacy “download” to “prefetch”

as for groups i was doing it wrong, i selected all groups (including manual), apparently if you select only automatic you get the export feature.

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I’m sorry, you are not Bobby… you are ItsAVI. :slight_smile: