Migrating to Virtual server and SQL server to be upgraded to 2012

We are migrating the Bigfix environment to virtual server, we have 2008 SQL server DB at present and the new VM will have SQL 2012 enterprise. Would it possible to get the back up data on 2012? Please suggest if we need to take any precautions or what will be the steps that we can get all the data on SQL 2012 from SQL DB 2008 of Bigfix. Ty

I believe the DB can be just imported into SQLServer 2012 but we have documentation on this process

For migration to new hardware, virtual or otherwise, make sure you check out the following link, especially the capacity planning guide as the database needs certain disk performance requirements

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First, please consider migrating to MSSQL 2016 or once supported MSSQL 2019. There’s just no sense in deploying to an 8+ year old RDBMS.

Moving from physical to virtual is pretty straight forward and I would recommend following our migration documentation.

It’s also very important to review the BigFix Capacity & Planning Guide as it contains critical details with respects to disk performance as @AlanM mentioned in his response.