Microsoft - Update to AutoPlay

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Are there any plans to update the existing fixlets for Microsoft’s autorun/autoplay? The previous fixes that MS released did not work all to good - and this update is suppose to resolve a lot of issues and make it possible to not shut off CDROMs - which was a huge problem here at the hospital. Of course I can create custom tasks - but wasn’t sure if this update was in the works to be released by BF :slight_smile:



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Hi Mike,

Which Fixlets (and which Fixlet site) are you referring to that don’t work as well as they should?


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Hi Ben,

It’s not the fixlets themselves that are at issue. It’s the Microsoft package that has been a little buggy here and there. However, they are listed under the Patches For Windows site and are the 967715 - Reference #96771501.


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Are you referring to the newly released patches in ?

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Oops - yes that is the release URL - I meant to add that link to my original post. Sorry.