Microsoft Rollup Patches - Best Practice

I have been trying to optimize the deployment of Microsoft’s new cumulative patches. We are manually caching the patches to take out the time it takes to download them but has anyone come across any other tricks that have been speeding up the time it takes to deploy these large patches?


We have been pre-caching these patches on our endpoints prior to maintenance windows but have not had any significant issues with their deployment taking an excessive amount of time.

Do you have a very short maintenance window or are the patches taking a particularly long time to deploy in your environment?


Thanks, Bill.

The patches do seem to be taking a little longer but are falling within our maintenance windows. We do have short windows for a couple of our departments (6-8 hours). It was more a curiosity/pulse question to see what is working out there for other folks and if anyone has seen general issues with the patches and what they are doing avoid potential risks when it comes to Microsoft’s new model.