Microsoft Patching required manual caching

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We have 100 MS patches that required manual caching on IEM server because it does not have download URL.

Is there anyway we can download those patches at a time instead of downloading one by one by google search.


Do you have an example of MS patch you’re trying to install but can’t because of manual caching?

There’s a number of patches that require manual caching in the Enterprise Security site because Microsoft doesn’t provide consistent download links that are available publicly. Some of the download links require you to accept some EULA and only then will Microsoft email you the patch link that’s randomly generated and time stamped and will be invalid in 4 hours or something like that.

Is the 100 MS patches you’re mentioning like that or are you trying to do something else?

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Thanks for quick response. you are pointing in right direction. Some of the patches required to accept EULA or those patches not available on Microsoft site, donated by someone. I am not trying do anything apart from download those patches.

These patches by nature are kind of hard to automate because they require a lot of manual steps to get you even a temporary link.

If you really want those patches, I think you need to write some sort of automation script based off of the KB’s that are on the fixlets that are available in Enterprise Security. This script would need to be smart enough to accept Microsoft’s EULAs, possibly prove that you’re a human by defeating a captcha, input your email address, dig through your email to find the temporary link Microsoft gives you, and then follow that link to download the patch.

I honestly wouldn’t go through downloading the 100 MS patches unless you really needed them. Most of them aren’t security related and are for hotfixes for Microsoft products that I think eventually get rolled up in major service packs for the application anyways.

Was there something specific that you actually needed from the patches that require manual caching?

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When Sysadmins try to push those patches… actions always be in waiting state and they report back to us to cache those patches. So I wanted to know that is there anyway to get those patches.

Yeah, sorry neerajmishra20feb. If think if there was an easy way to get at those patches we would have definitely done that for you already content wise.