Microsoft Exchange 4

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I’m attempting to true up our Microsoft licenses vs. our current usage based on reports from Tivoli Endpoint Manager for Software Usage Analysis, and have a puzzle appearing in the report that we’re hoping that you may be able to help us with.

When I look in the Software Usage Analysis specifically under the Microsoft Exchange software title, it’s reading out that we have 297 PCs using Microsoft Exchange Server 4.

I’m puzzled by what the Software Usage Analysis might be reporting as “Microsoft Exchange Server 4”. I can’t imagine our current network has nearly half of it’s PCs/servers running Exchange Servers circa 1996. My hope is that the Software Usage Analysis is misreporting a different piece of software as Exchange Server 4. Is this possible?

Thank you,


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Hey John,

The SUA looks at exe files and Add/Remove programs (“packages”).

Perhaps there is some file or package name that will trigger the report?


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Good call Ben.

I drilled down in the TEM software catalog and found that Microsoft Exchange 4 uses admin.exe 4.0. Hardly a unique or descriptive file name. I’ll search one of the PCs that has it installed and see what it actually is.