Memory utilization

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I have a specific need to be able to lok at the memory usage on PC’s. I realize that by the time I see the data in the BES console, it will be outdated and that’s OK at this point. Is this possible via BigFix? I believe it is and perhaps it is just a simple wmi call but I am unsure.

Thanks in advance fo any and all help!


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Maybe you can give this WMI query a try.

selects “WorkingSetSize from win32_process” of wmi

You can read about the Win32_Process class from the Microsoft site at:

Here is a version that is suitable for adding Managed Properties in the BigFix Console:

if (exists wmi) then (sum of ((string values of selects “WorkingSetSize from win32_process” of wmi) as integer) / (1024*1024)) as string & " MB" else “Not available”

The reported number does not reconcile with the info provided by Task Manager. However, since we also have the issue where the reported data is a few minutes out of date, I am guessing you just need to get a general sense, so this is worth a try.

Lee Wei