May 2022 - Ideas Reference

Below, please find the Ideas created in the Ideas Portal for the month of May 2022 for your reference. You can view their details, as well as vote or provide comments to those that interest you and your organization.

We will work to provide similar references here on the BigFix Forum in this Ideas category on a monthly basis for awareness and to foster additional collaboration.

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URL Idea name Workspace name Signature request Aperture and Hailstorm (*nix platform) Inventory Support for the distributed VM Manager Tool on Ubuntu Inventory Add detailed component version to Oracle Database reports Inventory ‘VERITAS InfoScale Enterprise’ version 7.3 software not detected on windows servers. kindly include this in catalog Inventory Ability to hide the ‘To Do’ list from non-administrators in BFI Inventory Ability to prevent remote user input on BigFix Remote Control sessions Lifecycle Allow for scheduled activities within webreports for certain days of the week M & F or MWF rather than every X days. Lifecycle Be able to resubmit a automation plan step Lifecycle MDM doesn’t support multiple BASE_DN Modern Client Management Patching Policies Add Defender and Malicious Software Removal Tool Patch Ceph patches for RHEL Patch Ability to “Tag” fixlets so REST API automation can add them to Baelines based on Tags Patch Edge Update automatic update management task Patch Integration of Big Fix Patch with Qradar Patch Integrating Azure AD to BigFix Platform New User Preference: ability to define preference for “show non-relevant content” Platform Ability to easily report on Lock-Exempt Actions Platform UEFI Inspector Support on Linux Platform Relevance Inspector to Run PowerShell Queries Platform Overview evaluation intervals for analysis properties Platform BigFix Client Configurable AD Cache Persistence/Time Platform Per-site evaluation interval override Platform Update the algorithm that evaluates the conditions/filter of Server Based Computer Groups. Platform Request to throttle/prioritize API calls per source Platform Ability to disable a BigFix Operator if they haven’t logged in within a configurable amount of time Platform Relevance Inspector for YAML Platform Support Action Script Parameters in Fixlet Debugger Platform Add ldap-login URL endpoints to Web Reports and REST APIs Platform Webreport “only if not empty” Platform Last modified date as property in console Platform