May 2019 Security Patches XP and 2003?

These security patches were not mentioned in Microsoft’s May 2019 overview of security patches that was released to our company today:

I am assuming fixlets will be generated for these unsupported OS’s?


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@bma Consider this the Bat-Signal…

FYI here’s the MS article also

@sdemonte, yes, fixlets for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 for CVE-2019-0708 will be released with the May PT batch.

@bma We appreciate all the efforts! Thanks @JasonWalker

Is there a reason why “MS19-MAY: Security update for the remote code execution vulnerability - Windows Server 2003 SP2 / Windows XP SP2 - KB4500331 (x64)” has no relevancy for “x64 of operating system” ?

I’m seeing bes computers applicable for the 32bit and 64bit fixlets for this KB.

@cstoneba This should be resolved in Patches for Windows 3282. Please see if you are still experiencing this issue with the updated fixlet.

yes, looks good. thanks

Hi, i new in BigFix. I can see this patches but i don’t see the patches for Windows 2008, 2012, win10 and 7 for CVE-2019-0708 in the BIgFix. can someone explain to me why? Thanks

Am I missing something or is there no update for Windows XP SP2 x32? I only see a x64 patch. The Server 2003 SP2 non x64 does not install as expected.

@jmoone, You are seeing things clearly. Microsoft has not released an update for Windows XP SP2 x86.

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