Match Relevance Condition doesnt work

I’m trying to set the match relevance to get this report to go out today, tomorrow, whenever so I can make sure its actually working as expected.
But no matter what I put in the match relevance it never does anything.
I can generate the report once without the relevance and it works fine and I get the reports and contents.
What am I doing wrong here?
How might I set the relevance to get it to send the report today as a test?

Try the relevance in the Fixlet Debugger first…I don’t believe we have an inspector for “Fourth Tuesday of…”. I think we only have a

First <day_of_week> of...

So to get the fourth Tuesday, take the first Tuesday and add 21 days. Then to get the Friday after that, add three more.

But bear in mind that some months may not have a Friday after a fourth Tuesday. Since this is 24 days after the first Tuesday, a month like February won’t have this date if the first Tuesday falls on the Feb 4 or later. For month beginning on a Wednesday, the first Tuesday will be on the 6th, the second Tuesday on the 13th, the third Tuesday on the 21st, the fourth Tuesday on the 28th, and the Friday after that on the 31st. So some 30-day months may not get a result either.

Thank you sir.
And agreed on the day thing… This initial wacky one is just for testing and trying to get it to run tomorrow.
I’ll try the debugger and your suggestion of first Tuesday +

This worked - I reset the start time to 415 today and made this change and email came successfully.
Thank you very much…

(current date = first tuesday of (current month & current year) + (22 * day))