Master Action Site versus Master Operator Site?

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Since upgrading to BES 8, it looks like there are now two sites with (seemingly) ambiguous names:

Master Action Site

Master Operator Site

What are the differences between these two sites? Both have recent actions (from today) in them. I’m a little concerned that there are actions in Master Action Site from console operators.

Edit: Maybe they were both there before v8… there are old actions in both. Still… what’s the difference?

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I don’t think there is a difference… Can you let us know exactly where you see these?


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On the left navigation tree under Actions > By Site I see “Master Action Site” and “Master Operator Site” and both have actions in them. I’m attaching a cropped image for proof.

The “Master Action Site” has some actions from console operators, but I can’t figure out how they got there. If my thinking is correct, this would mean that all clients are downloading these actions because they are subscribed to the site, which seems kind of inefficient if the console user doesn’t have administrator rights on most of those computers and therefore can’t issue actions to them anyway. More actions to evaluate = longer evaluation loop?

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The “Site” column in the action list is a little misleading, which is something we intend to fix. It really means “Source Fixlet Site”. So the actions taken by non-master operators that say “Master Action Site” were sourced from fixlets created by a master operator, but are still only gathered by clients that are managed by the action issuer. Actions which don’t have a source fixlet but are created by master operators show their site as “Master Operator Site”.

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Alright, I think that makes sense. I’m glad you’re planning to make it more clear in the future. Thanks!