Master Action Site Best Practices

What is the best practice regarding fixlets and tasks in the Master Action Site. I ask because I’m cleaning up the environment of duplicate fixlets and see some in custom sites and other in the Master Action Site. I thought I heard that custom fixlets should be in their own site. Is this correct?

Best practice in my environments it that nothing ever goes in the Master Action Site.

We have no fixlets, analyses or computer groups in our Master Action Site.

All content exists in sites other than the master action site.

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I’m going through the same process right now. It seems like best practice would be to put custom content into organized custom sites. It’s a little irritating that there isn’t a direct way to just move a fixlet to another site, seems like you have to export + import, or create a custom copy, then remove the old one?


Custom Copy to a new site and delete the original.

It really shouldn’t take very long? You don’t lose anything by deleting the original fixlet other than having to relink baselines before you re-action them.

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