Manual Upgrade Insights


Dumb question but I have been struggling to find documentation on how to manually upgrade Insights. My WebUI server is on a remote box

It’s not! I have been pestering about this myself… Last time I checked there was NO upgrade path. The closest thing I got to it was, copy the .xml file to another location and then uninstall & reinstall, copy back the .xml. The thing that I haven’t been able to get answered as to whether the .xml itself might have changed through the version and the old version’s XML to no longer work properly (I am still running 2 versions behind because of that lingering question). Another thing you can try - instead of “copy” the entire XML to just copy over the datasource XML element from the old .xml into the new… I really hope upgrade option is added soon though, such a trivial problem!

This should be added into the Insights documentation page for sure but Insights can be upgraded by using the WebUI Application Updates page available under the Gear icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Then select Insights to be installed from the Pending Updates field. I don’t have a screenshot of this since I upgraded my Insights to version 11 just this past Monday.

@ageorgiev I think you are referring to IVR vs Insights upgrades. IVR certainly needs some attention regarding upgrades still.

I was, yes, sorry got them mixed up…

Thanks for the feedback. A little more detail, if I look in the service-app.log file I see a message WebUI Insights version 11 is auto update exempt and will not be installed without manual action if a different app is already installed.

If I log into the WebUI select the gears icon go to application updates beside WebUI Insights is a question mark. When I mouse over the question mark I see a message “Automatic updates are not available for this site. It must be updated manually.”

In the WebUI, while logged in as a master operator, you should see a Select button associated with the Insights application. You’ll click on this button to “manually upgrade” the Insights app and apply any schema changes to the Insights database that are part of the upgrade.

See the documentation here: Managing Application Updates