Manual installed patches on machines reflects in BigFix console

manual installed patches on machines reflects in BigFix console,

Can anyone suggest ā€¦ is it true. Because I have seen some patches installed manually by diff team and found in BigFix.

Yes, patches installed manually, or by other external means will be properly reflected within the BigFix Console (i.e. Fixlets for the associated patches will become non-relevant assuming the patch was properly installed).

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Hey Aram,

A quick help, can we fetch details who deleted installed patches likes event logs kind of from bigfix.

Iā€™m not sure I understand the question exactly? Are you referring to auditing who deleted an action within BigFix? If so, this information is currently available in the database, and in the future, will also be recorded within the server_audit.log.

thank you Aram. I will check that.