Manual Groups for Non BES Admin

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I’m not certain why you have manual groups confined to BES admins, but it would be really useful if you would allow non admins that “right”.

Our server team would like to make a patch testing group and a production group for a couple different categories (like Citrix).

They could make automatic groups that use computer name XXXX inside them, but that isn’t very easy to use. Select a set of machines and create a manual group is much easier.


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Hey Rich,

Which version of BES are you using? The latest version allows for any BES user to create a manual group.


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Cool. I was one revision behind in 6.x, but upgraded to the newest version last night.



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I just want to add, that it is possible to create manual groups, but a non-Admin cannot delete own manual groups.

Is this a feature? :wink: