Management Framework Integration

(imported topic written by SystemAdmin)

Ok, this is a big wide area. But we’d like to see two things here.

First, we’d like to see BigFix come up with some sort of way of letting us notify our managment products that an agent is being patched. Now normally we have a patch window and we could either silence alerts in the window or to put clients that are being patched into maintenance mode manually. But what we would LOVE is the ability for BigFix to do this automatically. Now since there are a bazillion different monitoring tools out there, we just want you to concentrate on NetIQ’s AppManager / Aegis platform and Paessler’s PRTG. :slight_smile:

Second, we really, really like to see BigFix hook into VMware’s VirtualCenter somehow. We’d like to be able to target patching of clients based on the hosts they are on. We’d like to make sure we are not putting to much of a load on any one host. The ability to right click a host or guest and patch / report would also be goodness.