Managed Property Sorting

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Hey all, hope all is well with everyone in the forums these days. I have a quick question regarding the column sorting in the Computers tab of the console. This has been more of an annoyance than anything else.

On the Computers tab when you right-click on the columns and select “Edit Column Settings” to bring up all Managed Properties to enable or disable, is it possible somehow to sort this list? I know others have been thinking about this but it is really so insignificant that nobody has asked so, I’ll be the buster!

Any help is, as always, greatly appreciated.


Paul Sisk

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Hey Paul,

The list is specifically designed not to be sorted because it reflects the order of the properties in your BES Console (which normally is not alphabetical).

I guess the only advice I have is that maybe move some of your global properties to Analysis properties so you can keep the computer list properties to a minimum.