Manage Software Distribution Packages stuck at Analyzing files

I am testing out the Manage Software Distribution dashboard and when I try to add files to the package, and press the “Add to Package” button, the dialog sits there with the “Analyzing files … please wait”. I have tried it with a single file and with compressing a folder (3MB total) and both do the same. I have left it running for multiple hours and it does not get further.

I have confirmed that plugins are installed and soap api is configured. Firewalls are disabled.

I am running the console on my Windows 7 system and connecting to the console server on Windows 2012 R2.

I have also tried to run the console on the BigFix server, but it does not seem to run there either. In the top left where it should display “Packages” and “Application Maangement Groups” I just see 2 dots and the Package Library does not display the package I created from my workstation console.

Any ideas?



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