Manage Local user accounts - search, disable,delete process?

I have an action that will disable an account, one that searches for local accounts, and then another that will delete accounts.

But I am trying to automate the process more. The current process is that I have to paste in the account names into the required syntax, which can be time consuming and do this in one job to find the ids, then if they are found I need to figure out which systems and then put the found accounts in another job that disables them and after x number of days put them in another job to delete them.

Does anyone have a similar process where I could put the ids in a file and BigFix would read the IDs into a job that would find them, provide a report on what servers they exist on, then disable them, and the delete job can stay separate unless there’s a way to schedule it so that they would get deleted after x number of days from when they are disabled.


This could probably be done with the REST API.

Another option would be to have a property that reports all of the ids and user accounts, and then uses session relevance to determine where they are located, but even then you will need the REST API to fully automate the process.