Making Sure A Relay Is Really Removed?

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Only have one tivoli server in my environment. I was previously using relays, but decided that wasn’t right for our environment. Each computer is showing their relay as the primary tivoli server (correct). The issue is that computers that used to be using a relay, still seem to be trying to contact that old relay. Using Wireshark, I see “92 name query NB (computer name here)<00>” which makes no sense. Why would it still be trying to see that old relay if it isn’t there anymore?

How can I reset each computer’s settings to use the main server as the primary, secondary, only, etc relay?

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This can be done in three ways.

  1. Select all endpoints you want change relay then right and click computer settings where you change primary, secondary relay settings.

2.Through custom script these changes can be made

3.By modifying registry in endpoints this change can be done.