Making a Persistent Offer

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I am attempting to make an offer not disappear after running it from the client.

Currently, I can offer my fixlets with no issues to my users, but once they run the fixlet, the offer disappears out of the client’s list. I would like the fixlet to remain in the available offers list even after it is run. If I stop,delete and restart the offer, it will appear in the list once more.

I am running a very simple text fixlet that is always relevant and never fails.

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3 things:

  1. You need client version or higher.

  2. Set the action to reapply x/unlimited number of times.

  3. Add the following relevance to your offer:

not exists last active time of action or ( absolute value of ( now - last active time of action ) ) > 1 * second


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For the moment I’m able to create an offer to permit final launching the “CPM scan on demand” but it’s disappear after running.

I would like to be able to run this offer more than one time.

Jesse, is your solution working for what I want to do ?

If yes, how can I proceed, I mean do I need to add the relevance after the currently existing ?

Thanks in advance.

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For the CPM on-demand scan offer, you do not need to add the relevance statement. If you look at the relevance for that fixlet it already contains the relevance statement I posted.

Are you sure you that the client you targeted with the offer is running version

Are you sure that you set the action to reapply an unlimited number of times?


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That’s works, i did a mistake in my task.

Thanks Jesse :slight_smile:

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Hi, I am also looking for a persistent offer.

I tried the above steps, but noticed that the offer still disappear after execute.

The offer would only re-appear when the besclient “update” or “refresh”.

Is there a way to make the offer persistent?

As the users in my workplace does not have admin rights, and they requires run certain application with admin rights.

Thus thought of using Bigfix Offer.

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Any BigFix guru has solution to this?

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Hi acitinium,

I think the solution for it to disappear after running and reappear a little bit later is the best solution that we have…