MakeDNSReplyFromServiceURLs failure in root server relay log

Has anyone encountered this in their root server besrelay log? Since last Saturday after a Win2016 server patch and restart I’m getting this every second. I’m planning to enable debug logging after business hours tonight.

I’ve already worked with an HCL engineer to provide the logs and get help that way, but also looking to crowdsource the solution from you Fine Fellow 'Fixers.

Fri, 20 Mar 2020 11:31:38 +0000 - RelaysFileUpdater (6112) - MakeDNSReplyFromServiceURLs failed: WriteDNSNameComponent(): component length >= 64, component = not found in network db,not found in network db,not found in network db
Fri, 20 Mar 2020 11:31:38 +0000 - RelaysFileUpdater (6112) - Will retry in 00:01:00

Many thanks and happy Fixing!

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Are you able to load the Console?

I would suggest going to the ‘Computers’ section, and filtering by ‘BES Relay Service Installed -> Yes…’ then looking at the DNS Name property of the Clients (you can add this as a column). Given the mention of ‘RelaysFileUpdater’, it seems the Root Server is failing to process these names (perhaps one is too long? at over greater than 64 characters?).

If none of the DNS Names look strange, check the value of the following setting on the Relays: _BESClient_Relay_NameOverride

Note that this setting can also be used to override the DNS Name from a potentially problematic value.

Additionally, check to ensure that the Root Server can resolve each of the DNS Names of the Relays.

Yes, able to load the console. However the root service did hang twice in the last 48 hours. At those times the console didn’t load.

There are two relays with dns names of 59 characters, but nothing over 64.

The root server found all relay dns names using nslookup.

We do have 4 relays (our external facing ones) that have a name override. The override points to an Azure web traffic manager that is then (theoretically) supposed to choose the best external relay. We did recently add our 4th relay this past week. I’m checking up on that one… noticed the relay service and client service are hung. Working on that right now

Updated: confirmed

I believe I found it, there were two relays added with an a _BESRelay_Advertisement_List value greater than 64 characters. I’ll report back in a few hours


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