Make HelpDesk easier with BigFix

This may be obvious to some, but BigFix (or any similar tool) can make resolving HelpDesk issues easier.

I find that BigFix is often underutilized by HelpDesk staff, which is often due to being separate from the System Administrators that typically have access to BigFix.

I am not actually referring to pushing out software in response to a HelpDesk request, I am talking about much more than that.

Before having access to BigFix, complex HelpDesk issues would often involve tying up the user and their computer while I gathered information, then going back to record the information into the HelpDesk ticket, then googling around to get some possible resolutions, then tying up the users again to do further investigation into which causes and solutions were most likely and attempting them. This process would repeat until a solution was found.

When a user reports an issue, you should not need to ask them any information that can be found within the BigFix computer summary, except for enough information to look up the computer with the problem. This allows you to focus on recording the issue that the user is having, while minimizing the amount of time the user spends reporting general information.

By maximizing the use of the data in the computer summary, you can also greatly decrease the need for you to investigate the issue on the users machine either physically or through remote desktop, which would waste both your time and theirs.

Ideally you would not need to ask for or investigate any information that can be accessed using relevance / analyses.

You should always ask yourself “How can BigFix help me detect, report, inform, and resolve all HelpDesk issues?” Even if it is not possible right now, you should document the issues and resolutions well enough so that adding the reporting to BigFix or tasks to fix the issue can be done after the fact. Often times this will result in finding users with the same issue that have not reported it yet, which helps you become proactive.

Example Analyses

The following analyses were started to help resolve helpdesk issues:

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I first wrote this in 2015 but I actually started down this path in 2011, and a lot of these examples are still good today, and I have others I should add. Maybe others can link their own examples?


Great writeup jgstew! I 100% agree. In my system admin days when I purchased Bigfix for my organization, my help desk administrators were in Bigfix all day using it to look up info on systems, fix issues quickly, performing datacalls, etc etc. Prior to that, they spent a lot of time tracking down info on systems related to various helpdesk cases or tasks. Bigfix saved them a ton of time and made them incredibly efficient. It became their number #1 tool for information lookup as well as patching and more than quadrupled their efficiency compared to what they used prior (SCCM). A side benefit is user satisfaction went way up and got them raises, which increased morale in the IT dept, executive management was happy, etc etc. It was by far the best IT tool in terms of capabilities and money/time savings we used hands down.

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