Mac OS X Software distribution

Dear Team,

We are trying to deploy following Mac OS X software’s through Mac software distribution wizard which is containing .dmg format packages , So kindly share action scripts to install .dmg packages silently without root user permission,

Note: all user have sudo rights for every machine.

Software Names:


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Have you used the Software Distribution Dashboard? This should handle your use case except for…

The BigFix Client runs as root so this is not a concern – all software installs will occur as root.

Dear @strawgate

I tried with Mac software distribution wizard to create task but there is no command line option for Mac os software package so that the initiated task is keep running but application is not installed on endpoints

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There is no step during the wizard to specify command line options. However, at the end of the wizard when you go to create the deployment fixlet, you can then modify the action script which is in Apple Script.

You would need to look for the install command in the action script and then modify it to include the options you need.

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Understanding of course that you probably don’t need to add anything – it natively handles .app, .pkg, .mpkg


Thanks @strawgate and @BigFixNinja