Mac OS X - Relevance Failure for external drives

I am trying to look at a folder on an external drive using relevance. The path of the folder is something like “/Volumes/LACIE SHARE/Test”. When i run the relevance, it comes back as false.

exists folder “/Volumes/LACIE SHARE/Test”

Even though I dragged the folder onto the terminal/QNA window, it won’t see it with this path.

What path does one need to use to get external drives recognized in BigFix?

And why can’t we use POSIX folder structures?

Thanks in advance.


I was able to run a similar command to check if a folder exists on a flash drive I have plugged into my Mac. Maybe go through it one folder at a time?

exists folder "/Volumes"

exists folder "/Volumes/LACIE SHARE"

Maybe also check and see what folders QnA sees under /Volumes?

folders of folder "/Volumes"


Can’t have spaces escaped in quoted paths, and QNA/BF requires quoted paths.

Works when I put the proper relevance in. Thanks for the mental assist!