Mac OS X patching and updates

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Hey Everyone,

We have some Mac OS X machines that we use BES for patching with, but in doing some testing, I’ve noticed that I’m not getting what appears to be all of the updates for a particular system.

For example, on a Mac OS X (10.4.11) Power PC box I’m using, I was able to put these patches on the system using BES:

UPDATE: J2SE 5.0 Release 4 (10.4 Client)

UPDATE: Apple Remote Desktop 3.1

UPDATE: iTunes 4.8 Available

But after I did that, I went to the Mac Software Update Site on the box, and it told me that these updates were available:

J2SE 5.0 Release 5

Apple Remote Desktop 3.2.1

iTunes 7.6.2

These weren’t listed in my BES console for this computer.

How often does my BES Server go out and get those updates? I went ahead and installed these 3 using the Software Update site, and after doing so, my BES console is alerting me to UPDATE: Java for Mac OS X 10.4, Release 6.

Also, do you know when you will have released a Mac agent for version 7, which is what we are running now on the server? Our Mac agent is 6.09f56 or something similar.


Mike Ellis

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So, is there no answer to this dilemma of mine?

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All three of those Java updates should have shown up from the very beginning, this is because of the way that the relevance is crafted, we always check to see if a version of an affected file is less than the patch version. The reason why only some of the content showed up as relevant may be because the client had not had a chance to evaluate and report the results of the other fixlets.

I don’t think that we can really get to the root of the issue with just the information provided. In order to figure out what really went on, I think we’ll need the client’s configuration file as well as the log file for the day that the event occured, these can be found at:



/Library/Application\ Support/BigFix/BES\ Agent/__BESData/__Global/Logs/