Mac Deployment Issues

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We have just deployed the BES Client to our first Mac OS machine, however we have encountered a couple of oddities as follows:

  1. The Subscribed Sites panel on the Computer’s Summary tab reports “This expression contained a character which is not allowed.” Incidentally, we have no custom sites, only BigFix created sites.

  2. We have an Automatic Group whose membership consists of assets that do not belong to any other Automatic Group. This machine should have added itself to this “Miscellaneous Group” but hasn’t.

Any ideas?



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Hi Rod,

I think both issues are caused by the Mac agent being at version 5.1. Custom sites didn’t exist so the relevance to pull them back probably isn’t right on the 5.1 Mac agent. Similarly, automatic groups don’t work on any 5.1 agents.

The 6.0 Mac agent is due out very soon and should have these issues resolved. Look for it next week…

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Many thanks Tyler.

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The 6.0 Mac clients have been officially released. You can find more information in this thread:

I think both your questions will be solved by the new client, plus there is a lot of nice new functionality.