MaaS360 Mobile Device Management Update Released

(imported topic written by jeremylam)

An update to MaaS360 Mobile Device Management for Endpoint Manager has been released!

   Release Features:
  • This update changes the device refresh interval to 1 day (24 hours). It addresses potential problems related to network congestion and API load, and brings the Extender into compliance with the latest MaaS360 API requirements.
  • Inactive devices removed from the console will no longer report back to, or reappear in, Endpoint Manager. Customers will notice this change when they reconfigure their MaaS360 Extender.

Required Actions:

  • All MaaS360 customers should apply this patch. Use Fixlet Message 806, "Upgrade Management Extender for MaaS360 (9.0.20031), to upgrade the MaaS360 Management Extender.

Site Version:

  • MaaS360 Mobile Device Management, version 12


   Application Engineering Team  
   IBM Endpoint Manager